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Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain & Arthritis

Written by Michael Pasquale January 30, 2020

Shoulder pain afflicts many individuals and can be due to many causes ranging from torn rotator cuff to bursitis. Some of these conditions may be helped by cellular therapies such as stem cell injections. It appears that such tendon injuries and most likely the degenerative arthritis type conditions will benefit the most.

The use of stem cell injections is being carried out by several of our centers with standard protocols. These clinical studies may show promise, but even more studies are needed before a definitive cure or firm reliable data can be analyzed completely.

Medicine is always undergoing change and finding the best way as we learn more. There are advocates of stem cell therapy for shoulder injuries, tendon injuries and the like, as well as detractors. There are some studies which indicate no benefit and others which do indicate benefit. Patients should do their research on various options.

Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability may be due to torn or weakened tendons, muscles and ligaments. Chronic injury to these structures from sports or repetitive physical activity are typically the cause. Wrestling and football associated injuries are also commonly seen.

Shoulder Arthritis

Woman having shoulder joint pain

Shoulder pain which can be chronic or acute at times from arthritis can limit activities. The most common type of arthritis in the shoulder is osteoarthritis, also known as “wear and tear” arthritis. Stiffness and lack of mobility can lead to frozen shoulder. Arthritis can also be related to rotator cuff tears, infection, or an inflammation of the joint lining.

Tendon Tears

Like other areas of the body, tendons of the shoulder can be torn from athletics, injury, or degenerative wear and tear. This may result in partial tear which is chronically inflamed with pain or complete (full-thickness) tear, causing a hole in the tendon. A tear in the rotator cuff is common which can lead to debilitation along with biceps tendon tears.

Stem Cell Studies and Shoulder injuries

We at the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center are very interested in these orthopedic injuries and the various options of treatment. We have stem cell study protocols in place for athletic injuries as well as chronic age related injures. We will provide you information and work with you, through our specialist orthopedic network. If you have questions about shoulder problems and degenerative pain related disorders of the shoulder please contact us. We can provide you with information that may help.