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Stem Cells & Skin Care

Written by Michael Pasquale January 30, 2020

More than ever we are seeing skin care products advertised with such ingredients as stem cells or stem cell extracts. Earlier from Japan we saw placenta cremes and other such biological wording on various skin care product labels.

The skin care products which make claims that these agents can some how enhance skin care, improve complexion and the like appear to have no known mechanism to enter the tissue to exert any effect. The problem is the epidermis prevents penetration of these agents into the skin. However the main problem is biological agents like stem cells are living tissue which to work must be alive. In the case of placing them in a bottle will lead to certain death. so the idea of stem cells in a bottle is overall scientifically ridiculous to consider.

If any effect is seen it is most likely the moisturizer or other emollient which can hydrate the skin for a better appearance. What is more scientifically reasonable is if we can some how transfer stem cells or the active biological elements involved in healing, to the skin. If this is done quickly the cells and growth factors do not have a chance to die and can actually survive in the new home. This is similar to fat transfer or other tissue transfer commonly performed by plastic surgeons.