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Fat Transfer Explained

Written by Michael Pasquale January 30, 2020

The three terms above fat transfer, fat grafting and fat injection basically all refer to the same process used by Dr. Pasquale to take fat cells from one part of the body and move them to another. Here the transferred fat cells will take “root” and grow in their new home.

These terms describe a medical procedure in which your Plastic Surgeon will harvest fat cells much like liposuction (on a smaller scale) and then with or without processing the cells, inject or transfers them to another place in your body. This procedure is generally accepted by most plastic surgeons. The issue of concerns are first if the fat cells will survive in the new location, if they do survive how many and if there are some unknown side effects or complications.

The good news is that it does appear to work well as noted by most plastic surgeons and although the exact rate of complications is unknown it appears these risk are minimal.

As example in Dr. Pasquale’s practice of transferring fat to the buttock he has completed over 150 cases with only one complication. This was an infection which resolved with oral antibiotics and no other intervention. Interestingly these cases were for larger volume fat transfer of over 500cc.

The procedure of fat transfer to the buttocks is indicated when the patient has enough fat that can be transferred. However some patients do not have enough fat so the only choice is buttock implants. If your interested contact our office.