• Facial Rejuvenation with Stem Cells
    Do stem cells offer a new form of facial rejuvenation for older patients? The answers may surprise you. Facial Rejuvenation with Stem Cells
  • Youthful Skin & Full Face from Stem Cells.
    Stem Cells, Fat Grafting , PRP all are used at the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center Youthful Skin & Full Face from Stem Cells.
  • Orthopedic Injuries -Arthritis
    Stem cell research is leading to some amazing findings. Orthopedic Injuries -Arthritis
  • Non Surgical Platet Rich Plasma injection
    Dont be fooled by trademarked names like "Vampire Facelift". Your getting a procedure Not A NAME-- speak with us about the procedure !! Non Surgical Platet Rich Plasma injection
  • Growth Factors & Platelet Rich Plasma
    The miracle of self healing. All from your own body. Stem cell research shows promise. Growth Factors & Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Facial Rejuvenation with Stem Cells
  • Youthful Skin & Full Face from Stem Cells.
  • Orthopedic Injuries -Arthritis
  • Non Surgical Platet Rich Plasma injection
  • Growth Factors & Platelet Rich Plasma

Use of Stem Cells for Knee Pain and Arthritis.

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Arthritis. image

The knees are the most widely studied here at the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center. Degenerative disorders such as arthritis as well as chronic over use or athletic injury may lead to loss of cartilage and instability.

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What is Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)?

Healing Broth from your own fat stromal vascular fraction

SVF is obtained from your own fat. It contains concentrated healing factors, stem cells,red blood cells and platelets. This natural healing substance shows great promise presently being studied at the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center.

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Stem Cell Enhanced FaceLift in Honolulu Hawaii.

Stem Cell-Fat grafting using your own fat. image

Facelifts have evolved from simple skin tightening to learning that restoring volume with ones own fat is key. We now have found that this can be enhanced further with your own stem cells.

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Fat Transfer to Breast Honolulu Hawaii

Fat grafting using your own fat. image

Imagine your own fat used to enlarge your breast! We have been doing this for over five years and is now considered safe by most plastic surgeons. Using you own fat is the natural way to increase your breast size. Patients will vary in outcome.

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PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

Cosmetic and Orthopedic use of PRP. image

You may have heard of the "vampire facelift" and platelet rich plasma or PRP is used in this type of procedure. Did you know PRP is also used in orthopedic procedures to stabilize the joints ?

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FDA and Stem Cells are these approved treatments?

FDA approved or not. image

The food and drug administration is the government agency for approval of drugs , some medical devices and some procedures. Are stem cell treatments approved? Is FDA approval needed or even desirable for stem cells?

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The Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment center is dedicated to ethical and honest approach to emerging stem cell technologies and research. We believe that cellular based medicine is one of the true possible futures to curing diseases which have no known or previous cures.

We also realize that we have long way to go before we understand how this will be best used and exactly what are the best ways to use this technology. Despite all the hype we see in the news and popular media we are in the infant stage of development. We simply do not know all we wish we did.

Our stem cell research and applications are a perfect marriage with the plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic, wellness and dermatological products & services offered.

That is why none of our physicians and staff will tell you that this is therapy that will cure disease. We simply do not have the scientific evidence at this point in time to make such claims. What we do know is that information so far has led to some pretty remarkable anecdotal evidence.

It appears that the deployment of SVF other wise known as Stromal Vascular Fraction (contains stem cell and other factor in the liquid derived from fat) is seen as beneficial for a variety of conditions. There have been many thousands of treatments performed across the globe so far and we feel that is very safe, though we are still currently involved in research to further scientifically prove its safety.

Stem cell is presently being studied for Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Autoimmune disease, Urology, Neurology and Cosmetic Enhancement of appearance.

We not perform all protocols but in our network of physicians we are presently studying with specific protocols for the following conditions:

• Alopecia Areata • Ankle Problems • Asthma • Auto-Immune Hepatitis • Cardiomyopathy • CIDP • COPD • Crohn’s Disease • Degenerative Spine & Disk Disease • Degenerative & Inflammatory Athritis • Elbow & Hand Problems • Hip Problems • Interstitial Cystitis • Knee Problems • Lichen Sclerosis • Lupus • Multiple Sclerosis • Muscular Dystrophy • Myasthenia Gravis • Neuropathy • Optic Neuritis • Parkinson’s • Peyronies Disease • Relapsing Polychondritis • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Scleroderma • Shoulder Problems • Stroke Recovery

If you would like further information regarding applying as a candidate for any of the protocols for these conditions contact us by phone

808-945-5433 or use the contact forms.

We welcome traveling patients who come to Hawaii to enjoy the paradise and beautiful beaches and weather.

Call our center 808-945-5433 or use our contact form below for further information

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