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Cardiovascular Pulmonary

Stem Cells for Heart & Lungs

Written by Michael Pasquale January 30, 2020

Disease of the respiratory and cardiac systems have plagued modern man due to smoking and high cholesterol diets of processed food. This has led to many modern diseases such as COPD and congestive heart failure, cardiac myopathy and other cardiopulmonary diseases. These chronic diseases are debilitating and many times untreatable or if treatable with only marginal results.

We at Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center believe many of these diseases will be treatable by advances in stem cell or cellular medicine in the near future. Already much scientific work has been done and more is certainly needed. Many of the studies underway have shown very promising results.

Our process involves a specialist in cardiac disease who will be measuring the results and collecting such data. We use the mesochymal stem cells for this process, we do not use embryonic stem cells. Our use of your own bodies cells and concentrating them into SVF is considered minimal manipulation so this does not require FDA approval.The technique of harvesting the cells is a simple liposuction type procedure performed in about a 1 hour procedure as an outpatient.

A list of the diseases under study are :

Heart & Lungs

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

This is myriad of lung diseases which make it difficult to breath. Such forms as Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. The former is herald with a chronic cough, mucous production and the latter with destruction of lung tissue.

Cardiac Failure with cardiac myopathy

The heart muscle becomes weak sometimes the heart becomes enlarged and there is deterioration of cardiac function. Upward of 60,000 lose their life to this disease yearly with no curative treatment short of a heart transplant. The cause can be many origins from blocked arteries to infection.

Post Myocardial Infarction (Post MI)

Heart attacks are common and the damage to the heart muscle can be severe. This can lead to more heart attacks and chronic chest pain. There is much work being done both clinically and in the lab to solve this problem. These treatments look promising with further research and clinical trials.


This is a common lung disorder involving the airways. This inflammatory condition can be in the very young and the old. The airways become obstructed and breathing becomes difficulty requiring at times emergency room visits and even death. There are over 300,000 million individuals under treatment world wide.

The Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center is interested in cardio and pulmonary diseases and the current research ongoing for cellular therapies to treat the above diseases. Our worldwide network of physicians many with interest and ongoing research involving cellular therapy for these conditions.

If you are interested in possibly enrolling in such trials or learning more contact us to see if you are a candidate.