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Stem Cells Injection to Breast

Written by Michael Pasquale January 30, 2020

Enlarge your breast with fat transfer enhanced with stem cells (Stromal Vascular Fraction).

Fat transfer to the breast is exactly what it sounds like. Dr. Pasquale takes fat cells from one part of the body, like abdominal fat and then inserts into the breast. There some of the fat cells grow and live in their new home. This increases the size of the breast by the added volume of fat cells. Of course it is more complicated than this, but this is the general idea behind fat transfer to the breast.

Training Abroad

Dr. Pasquale spent two months in Europe in 2011 studying the techniques involving stem cells as well as stem cells themselves, which are more widely accepted there than in the US. Additionally, he has learned from Dr. Yoshimura in Japan who is perhaps the most experienced in the world in this procedure. This technique is slowly gaining acceptance among American Plastic Surgeons. We have added to this technique additional growth factors and stem cells found in the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) which we harvest from your fat. It is thought that this increases the survivability of the fat cells transferred.

The one criticism of fat transfer to breast is that there is a volume loss due to some of the fat cells being reabsorbed by the body. However a recent study clearly demonstrated anywhere from 50% to 80% of the fat remains. This is a significant increase in volume and provides an alternative to breast implants, which is the standard in the USA.

Advantage and disadvantage of fat transfer to the breast.

The big advantage of this technique of enlarging your breast with fat cells (taken from your own body) is that nothing could be more natural. Its your own tissue not an artificial device. Sometimes this may be less expensive. The disadvantages is many patients do not have enough fat to even do this procedure. Also for one treatment, one may only at best be able to obtain a full cup size increase if lucky. If there is desire for anything over a cup size then one should undergo traditional breast implant surgery or be prepared to undergo multiple fat transfer procedures. Remember fat transfer to the breast like all fat transfer procedures may require more than one transfer. Using breast implants generally is a one time procedure.

If you are interested in this procedure to enlarge your breast with fat cell transfer with or without stem cell enhancement contact us for a consultation.

Can you imagine having a smaller waist and larger breasts all in one procedure? Well this can be done by Dr. Michael Pasquale providing you meet certain criteria. Derived from a simple concept of taking extra fat from around the waist, or other areas and placing it inside the breast tissue. This is becoming a widely accepted technique by most plastic surgeons world wide as safe and effective.

Fat Transfer to increase breast size is well documented in science.

Most patients can increase their breast size by a full cup or more (results vary), though it may take more than one transfer procedure and you must have enough body fat in which to harvest. The technique involves a simple liposuction procedure and re injection of the fat with no cutting but only use of small cannula.

Stem cell enhanced fat transfer.

If you elect we can also concentrate regenerative cells (stem cells from SVF) in which we believe help the fat take and may help the texture of the skin. This is part of our Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center protocol for cosmetic procedures that we study. You may also elect to have a simpler fat transfer procedure.

We will discuss with you all options and risk at the time of consultation. Contact us for further information.