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Stem Cell Therapy Research & Applications

Written by Michael Pasquale January 30, 2020

The vast potential of stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy has promise to be one of the great achievements of our time. Within this specialty there is the potential to cure diseases and conditions we could never have imagined. Possibly the cure to blindness, the regrowth of limbs and nerves as well as healing the disease we presently have no cure. In fact at some point the possibility of immortality exist. As much as this may sound like fiction, the control of stem cells and their potential to create new tissues like nerve, bone, skin and the like allow us to imagine this in the future. That is once we learn to control and understand further technology.

We at the Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center are devoted to learn all we can and promote the study of this therapy, yet stem cell therapy cannot be said to be a proven therapy at the time of this writing as the research is new and only being carried out at this time. It takes years and many clinical (patient) studies to be able to claim benefit from a treatment. Science moves very slow and for good reason. Patient safety is the number one consideration of a ethical physician and should be. We as responsible physicians cannot make claims which are misleading nor labeled as proven therapies unless we are armed with years and years of research. Even for treatments which have many clinical studies proven again and again, physicians cannot ethically guarantee any result to do so is against standard medical ethics. This applies to testimonials by patients provided by the physician.

Stem Cell therapy is not approved by the FDA

Stem cell applications

Stem cell treatments are not accepted by the FDA yet and it will be years before they are if ever. As a physician we can treat outside the guidelines of the FDA as these may not apply to the practice of medicine. This is not a loop hole, its the fact that medicine is always changing and medicine is part of a physicians judgement. That is a physician is always weighing risk verses benefit for individual cases and treatment. You would not want every medical treatment or consultation in a strict protocol with only one way to do things. This certainly would not be good medicine nor give people choices and medicine would never advance.

Stem cell research network

Hawaii Stem Cell Treatment Center is a member of a network of physicians, are all independent, but we agree by joining the network to maintain reasonable standards. You should not see any of our physicians claim we have a proven therapy or that we can cure this or that ailment. You will know who is administering the treatment and it will not be by some anonymous web site like some we have seen with promises of cures. We share our information and seek other members judgement when we have questions.

Our stem cell deployments are done as studies (not proven therapy). The clinical trials are listed at United States Government web sites for clinical studies under an institutional review board (IRB)

Proven or unproven cell treatments

Finally if a treatment is not proven does not mean it will not work. We have seen countless examples of this such as the common medication aspirin which came about long before its clinical study. With this in mind and you feel you may be a candidate to enter into one our clinical trials regarding stem cell therapies through the use of deployment with Stromal Vascular Fraction ( SVF) please apply and we will be in contact with you.